Capital Improvement Program

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Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

In the City of Industry, the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget process is managed by the Department of Development Services. The budget process consists of projects aimed at improving the city’s public infrastructure such as streets, transportation issues, traffic signals, public buildings, sewer and storm drains, and water projects.

Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Process

The development of the CIP budget is collaborative process. Every year the Department of Finance sends out a “Call for New Projects” which provides the City Council and City staff with a formal means for submitting new project ideas. The projects ideas are then reviewed and prioritized for possible inclusion in the CIP.

To qualify for the CIP, a project must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Addresses a particular safety issue.
  • Existing maintenance efforts are no longer satisfactory to keep a facility in good repair.
  • Existing facility is no longer adequate

City staff review each project and prioritize them as high, medium or low. Next, the City Engineer and City staff prepare preliminary cost estimates for the construction or implementation of the high priority projects. After the project costs have been developed, the appropriate department recommends how the new project will be integrated with the projects that are already planned. A high priority new project may require the postponement of an existing project. The department then recommends a funding plan for each project based upon the priorities.

At City Council meetings, citizens are invited and encouraged to participate in the CIP process. Before any votes of support are taken, public comment is heard and considered. At the conclusion of the public hearing the City Council votes to adopt a Capital Improvement Program.