City Treasurer

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Department Description

The City Treasurer (“Treasurer”) is an appointed official by the City of Industry City Council. The City Treasurer’s Office primary mission is to safeguard and protect the City’s liquid assets and manage the City’s investment portfolio ensuring optimal investment income is achieved through prudent investment strategies and safe risk management practices. The Treasurer invests all surplus funds and bond proceeds for all City entities: City of Industry, Successor Agency, Industry Public Utility Commission, Industry Property and Housing Management Authority, and Civic-Recreational-Industrial Authority.

The Treasurer’s Office also oversees the cash management of all City funds, performing daily monitoring of City bank accounts to ensure meeting the monthly cash flow needs of the City.  The Treasurer also serves as the liaison for all banking relations with City fiscal agents and trustee accounts. 

Department Leadership

Elise Calvo, City Treasurer

Phone: (626) 333-2211